Focus On Adoption!

Pregnant? Adopting? Placing a baby?

Adoption is our #1 Focus! How can we help you?

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    What help is available for pregnant Women who consider adoption?

    • Financial assistance including:
    • Housing, including rent , utilities and phone
    • Medical, counseling & legal expenses
    • Food, toiletries,clothing, and transportation
    • Other expenses deemed reasonable by the courts
    • Support group meetings
    • An opportunity to speak with previous birth mothers for support


    Our team is prepared to help women across the United States! Young expecting mothers and those with infant children face tremendous responsibilities and often face very difficult choices. We want to help. It is not our goal to pressure anyone to make a decision. We just want you to know that adoption is a choice.

    We Love Adoption Life!

    Our days begin and end focused on adoption!

    You get to choose the family that adopts your baby.

    Across the United States approximately 400,000 families are currently approved to adopt and are waiting on a baby to raise as their own. Adoption is never “cheap.” Typical families wanting to adopt a baby are doctors, lawyers, engineers, successful business owners, and the occasional “trust fund” baby who only want a child to love and raise as their own. We have many stable and approved home study families ready to adopt your baby.



    It is YOUR CHOICE!

    Can I remain a part of the child’s life?

    Yes. Everyday? Yes. It is YOUR CHOICE!

    We have many families willing engage in orphaned adoptions.

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